Thursday, October 30, 2014

Again, after a year.

Hi, hey, hello everyone!
Not saying every reader of this blog,
because I'm pretty sure most of you gave up on
visiting my blog, since I do NOT post anything for years. o;
But yeah, I just wanted to give you some updates about my life.
It's been a year since I haven't posted anything, so here I go again!
I'm truly sorry for leaving every of you.
but you know, life can't wait.
I've finally grown up from Animal Jam and all this blogging & stuff.
I do not expect you to visit my blog daily,
because literally, it's dead...
So yeah, my life has changed a lot past years,
I guess it's changing in a good way.
I've started doing more & more sports, which actually makes me feel quite confident about myself.
It's a good way to gain a lot of self-esteem.
Despite the fact that I had no time to check my AJ account & blog, I still try to keep up with all the updates happening there and here.
Although, I can't believe I have over 12K visitors.
It's like a beyond amazing feeling.
I wasn't even thinking about this huge number!
Honestly, I don't know why does this blog has so many visitors... ;o;
However, I really really miss y'all!
If some of you still want to contact me,
my e-mail is
(the old good my official AJ e-mail :D)
I'd love to hear all news from you, guys!
So please do inbox me. :-)

to make everything clear,

I hope everyone has a bewitching Halloween time.
I'm going to visit my good friend tomorrow,
and other my friends are going to be there, too
so we're all going to paint eachothers' faces and play games,
eat sweets and perhaps even watch scary/cool movies! :L
Ahhhh, can't wait.

Take care. ~
~ Amy ~

Monday, September 23, 2013


Hello everybody! It's AmyGoesRawrx3 here.
So as you may already know and notice I haven't posted anything on this blog for... almost an year!
Woah. I'm really sorry... ._.
Just to let you know, I've lost an interest in AJ, though it was such a great game and I really loved it. It was amazing, and I guess, still is!
I have basically quit Animal Jam, because I've found other things I like in real life and Internet.
School has been taking all my time and other stuff as well. :)
But.. I still come to AJ time-to-time, to see the new updates, maybe even meet my OLD friends, who haven't removed me from their friend list yet.... And buy new items, of course!:-)
I'm sorry for leaving all my readers and all my friends for a long time.
I just want to thank you all for reading and visiting my blog for more than a year. (almost 2 years!).
((Note: I have been posting since 27th January of 2012.))
I hope you all had a great summer and I hope school is going very well for you these days.
I can say, I'm pretty tired of my daily routine, and I want a break as soon as possible.
And last thing, but not least, if you want to keep in touch with me, I still go on my Youtube channel (mostly everyday) and I listen to music and watch videos. If you have subscribed me before, you can see my feeds. ;)
But if you haven't subscribed me on Youtube yet, please do it right this moment!
My Youtube username is SweetSaltAJ.
(Yes, it was my previous AJ account's username.)
If you're lazy enough, CLICK RIGHT HERE to subscribe me. ;)
I have registered to few other popular sites too, but I'm not really giving them out for people I don't know in reals.
But if you would like to chat with me in any other ways, please comment below sites, you've registered on, so I can register and add you!
(P.S. Not promising to go to these sites everyday).


P.S.S. Thank you so much for over 8,800 views for my blog. I remember when I was only aiming to get 5,000! I hope we can keep growing with more and more views. Thanks!!!
I hope you have great day.
Until then...
- Amy -

Friday, September 28, 2012

Animal Jam Private Server

Hello everybody! Amy here.
There is new items around Jamaa.
Blah blah blah...
You can know more by visiting other blogs with the same information.
But today, I'm having VERY topical topic for AJ.
Let's move to it.
So yeah, as I noticed many famous MMORPG games has got thing called PRIVATE SERVER.
(Like Runescape or Club Penguin..)
Private server means: it's like old version of that game.
In Runescape Private Server you can gain levels WAY faster. (It takes about 10 minutes to get about 2 skills  99's)
Cool, yeah?
In Club Penguin Private Server there is NO membership. It's like old version of Club Penguin (such as year 2005-2006..)
So in CPPS (Club Penguin Private Server) EVERYONE is member. You don't even have to pay. You can spawn cool clothes, get unlimited items. Everything there is EASIER than original version of game.
It's total awesome!
So I wonder, why not to make AJPS?
It should look like old version of AJ, like AJ BETA TIMES.
When there was NO membership, NO scammers, NO hackers and so on.
Since everyone says:
"Beta was better..." 
"I Miss Beta.." 
"We Want Beta Back...", etc.
Of course, I know Animal Jam Players are 9-14 years old, so we have like NO idea how to create it.
Only genius Jammers can create it, but I'm afraid if we have them.. x3
So ours only hope is AJHQ.
I already sent them mail about this MY idea.
It would be great, right?
Anyhow, I love this idea.
And I very HOPE that it will come true someday.
That's all for now.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Passion Flower Arch~

Hello Everybody! AmyGoesRawrx3 here.
Today At Sarepia Forest, In "Treetop Gardens", There Is Very Beautiful New Unique Item.
Here How It Look's A Like:
I'm Amazed By Their Prettiness... xD
No, I'm Really. Nicest Item I have Seen In Jamaa.
However, It's Called "Passion Flower" arch. ;)
I Love It. And... What About Youu? :o
Tell Me Your Opinion In Comments.
Other Thing... Have You Noticed That Halloween Is Coming..? x]
I Can't Wait... But It Is NOT My Fav Feast.
OK, Thanks For Reading Now && Until Next Post, Or Even Meet In Jamaa! :]


Monday, September 24, 2012

Rare Monday 09.24[;

Hello everybody! Amy here.
Happy Monday, ppl! ;D
I know you love it. <3
Phahaha. xD
Anyway, you know this, but I'll repeat.
Monday = Monday Rare Day In AJ.
Yush. So in Hot Cocoa Hut at Mt. Shiveeeeer.
There is item, which we ALL were waiting...
It's an Artic Hood. Woooo! c;
It looks good. Ahahaha.
Yea, so buy it befores it disappears from Shop!
Be quick. :)
Okay thanks for reading !

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